Friday, 10 August 2018

should children be made to pick up rubbish.

Should children be made to pick up rubbish


I strongly disagree that children should not be made to pick up rubbish

Reason 1:

 children aren’t made to pick up rubbish otherwise the only thing they would be learning is how to keep the environment clean and tidy and that's the only thing the would be set on.

Then the children wouldn’t be learning properly.

Example:for example i think that yous should just use beeswax wraps in sed off sad rap because sad wrap have been flying away into the sea and going down animals mouths.

Reason 3

:children aren’t the ones that have to pick up rubbish were the environment green team well you can just be apart off the green team by picking up rubbish.

Example:in fact that if you know how to not drop your rubbish the world could stay tiddy if you see someone drop their rubbish just give them a little tap and say can you please pick your rubbish up.

Opinion Restated:this is why children shouldn’t be made to pick up rubbish.

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